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  1. What We Will Build
  2. Setting up an IntelliJ Project
  3. Creating Application Skeleton
  4. Implement a routeProvider
  5. Implement the Login View
  6. Creating a UserModel
  7. JSON Overview
  8. Creating an HTTP Transform Function
  9. Creating the Login Service Method
  10. Wire up the Login Handler
  11. Create Helper Login Buttons
  12. Creating a Task Model
  13. Setting up the ngGrid
  14. Creating a Checkbox Cell Template
  15. Validating the User
  16. Create the Task Service
  17. Wire up the Task Service
  18. Creating Subtemplates with ngInclude
  19. Implementing Completed and Category Drop Downs
  20. Adding a DateChooser
  21. Styling the TaskFilter
  22. Loading Task Categories
  23. Implement the Filter Button
  24. Create a New Task Popup
  25. Create a Controller for the Popup
  26. Integrate with the Task Create and Update Service
  27. Wire up the Service
  28. Create the Edit Task Popup
  29. Create the Scheduler Layout
  30. Add Schedule Button to Task Grid
  31. Implement the Task Scheduler
  32. Loading Tasks for the Scheduler
  33. Implement Services for Scheduling Tasks
  34. Wire up the Delete Button
  35. Saving Scheduled Tasks
  36. Services for Marking a Task Completed
  37. Activate the Checkbox Renderer
  38. Disable the Completed Checkbox
  39. Hide the Scheduler Button
  40. Hide the Task Edit Button
  41. Browser Testing and Cleanup
  42. Final Thanks
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